FIDL is just another Python package living within your local Python installation. There are two ways to install it:

Install from source

  1. cd to the repository’s directory containing

  2. Use your installation’s Pip:

    • pip install . (for Release mode)
    • pip install -e .[dev] (for Development/Editable mode)

In development mode, Pip will install Pytest and some linters helpful while developing, and create symbolic links under Python’s packages directory instead of copying FIDL to it. This allows you to modify your .py files and test on the fly, without need to reinstall every time you make a change.

Install from PyPi

FIDL is in PyPi. If you are able to reach PyPi, installing is as easy as:

pip install FIDL

Running tests

Load the test IDB putty.i64 (under tests/data) in IDA.

Now simply execute the script (under tests) from within IDA (Alt + F7)


There is an issue related to testing with Pytest in Python3. Tests are not working for IDA with Python3 at the moment.